Anyone who has taken part in any of my training or attended one of my sessions will know this is one of my bug-bears… The lack of understanding amongst young people – especially young women about their sexual body parts is astounding… How on earth can you take control of your sexual encounters or ensure that you enjoy the sex you have – if you have no real understanding of your genitals – what they are and how they work – not to mention awareness of your own sexual responses…

As I said, this is something i talk about a lot… so rather than re-write everything again – please take time to follow this link to a blog post I wrote sometime ago that explains the issue in a it more detail… Head, shoulders, Knees and Toes – an explanation of why teaching young people about their sexual body parts is so important.

And this is where you come in… it is essential that young people have a clear understanding of their sexual body parts and their sexual responses… not only does it save so much confusion and misunderstandings but more importantly it also helps to answer the question on everyone’s lips – am I normal…?

One further point – We will be talking about Pornography later – but one of the most stated reasons that young people give to watching porn (other than to get off) is to learn about what bodies look like and how they work… so here is another important reason why we should be filling in the blanks and not leaving young people with no other choice but to turn to porn for their education.

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