Assessment and Evaluation:

When it comes to RSE assessment and evaluation of learning can be difficult. How do you measure how many young people didn’t get pregnant, or decided to use a condom, reflected on how healthy their relationship was or managed to asserted themselves because of your session?

It is near impossible to measure these things…

Equally – we certainly don’t have a written exam and despite the amount of time young people have asked me if we are going to do a ‘practical’ – it isn’t going to happen!

But that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to take any measurements of young peoples journey and development.

Before you start a scheme of work you can ask groups to fill out baseline questionnaires that measure both their knowledge and their attitudes around a particular topic and then ask them to repeat the task at the end of the module.

This can be done informally in a session – as explained in the section on lesson planning – which is what I do a lot of – by starting the session with a question – to gauge the classes knowledge and attitudes, and then returning to the same question at the end of the session to see if there is a marked difference in their answers.

You can have classes collect information and their thoughts in reflective journals – this works well if you decide to take on the “About me” workbooks as a resource…

One of my favourite ways of assessing a groups learning is to set them a project or a challenge. Ask them to run their own campaign around a particular issue or come up with a solution to help challenge or promote particular healthy behaviours. This not only spreads the learning through the school but also gets young people actively involved and passionate about making a difference in their school….

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