Learning Objectives Yr 9&10

About You All young people will be given the opportunity to explore their own personal identity & the factors, expectation, pressures & influences that impact on its development both Positively & negatively

(see influence. 2 & 4)

Young people will be given the opportunity to explore various coping strategies & be able to assess if they are positive or negative.

Young people should be made aware of the importance of having their own support network & be given the opportunity to map out their own.

Young people will explore the issue of Body image & what influences our attitudes & opinions.

Young people will understand that body confidence comes from self acceptance.

(see influence. 2)

Young people will be made aware that everyone has their own personal boundaries & that they may differ from their own, & importance of respecting other people’s boundaries.

Young people will develop strategies to manage situations where their personal boundaries may be compromised & have the ability to listen to others when they are the ones transgressing

(see Rel.4 & Sex 4)

Relationships Young people will explore the factors/qualities that create & support positive relationships with a particular focus on partners & the possibility of a sexual relationship

NB. Do not assume that these relationships will automatically be with the opposite sex.

Young people will discuss the difficulties of managing their relationships including issues such as jealousy, pressure from friends or partners, balancing time with family, friends & partners as well as relationship break ups. They will develop skills & strategies to cope.

(See About You 2)

Young people will explore unhealthy relationships with a focus on relationship abuse(domestic abuse) & CSE (child sexual exploitation).

Include discussion  of secret relationships & why these may put young people at risk (or keep them safe). Highlight the importance of communication with their support network as a protective factor

NB. Introduce YP to RY Website’s Relationship Health Checker

Young people will have the opportunity to practice skills needed to negotiate in relationships – with a particular focus on respecting personal boundaries both emotionally & physically & the issue of consent

(see About you 4 sex 4.)

Sex Young people will be given the opportunity to explore & ask questions about sex in its broadest term.

Including attitudes to sex, Virginity, sex acts specifically manual, oral, penetrative sex, intimacy, pleasure & risk.

NB. Be aware that not all young people will be having sex with the opposite sex

Young people will have the opportunity to explore what makes sex safe, including protecting against unwanted pregnancy, STIs, but also the importance being aware of the emotional risks too.

Include discussion of contraception (perform a condom demo), the law & waiting until you are ready.

Include discussions of the issues raised by sex & technology.

Pornography: explore issues raised by the ease of access to pornography on the internet & why young people may choose to watch porn.

(see Influence 3)


Whilst it can be a natural part of flirting, young people will be made aware of the dangers of sharing images & where to go for support. They will have a clear understanding of the law.

Young people will have a clear understanding of consent – with a special focus on enthusiastic consent.

Young people will have knowledge of the law in terms of consent, especially around alcohol/substances and how they effect consent.

Young people will be able to identify when consent has been freely given or not and the importance of respecting a partners rights and boundaries.

(see About you 4 & Rel.4)

Influence Attitudes & Experience What is sex?

What does it mean? How do we do it? Where do we get our attitudes to sex from?

Are love, sex & intimacy the same thing?

(see Sex 1)

What makes you -you?

Where do we get our ideas of how girl’s/guys should look & behave?

What pressures are there to conform?

Is it easy to step away from the crowd?

(see About You 1 & Influence 4)

Sex & the media.

Where do we get our ideas of what sex & relationships should be?

How does the media/internet influence our attitudes and our behaviour.

Include references to: pornography, music videos, shows like TOWIE, Ex on the Beach, 50 Shades, Victim blaming and ‘Lad culture’

(see Sex 3)

Gender, Sexuality & Equality

Explore the difficulties and inequalities that exist between men & women. Include: Lad culture/victim blaming/rape culture.

Young people will  be aware of & respect different sexuality & gender identities including gay, lesbian, bisexual, gender queer & trans* young people.

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