Learning Objectives Yrs 11,12 &13

About You Young people will be given the opportunity to explore their own personal identity; with a particular focus on: Sexuality & gender Identity.

(See Influence 1)

Young people will understand the importance of ‘having a voice’, and of using it to speak up for themselves.

Young people will discuss the importance of individuality & the difficulties in stepping away from the crowd

What barriers exist? What about peer pressure? Fitting in?

(See Influence 2)

NB: the Steubenville example might be helpful

Young people will have the opportunity to review their support network and coping strategies.

(especially in light of exam stress).

Who could they talk to if they had an issue with their friends? Their folks? Their school work? Their Partner? What about sex?

(see Sex 1.)

Relationships Young people will understand how to balance their relationships between their family, friends, parents & ensuring time for themselves Young people will know the importance of looking after their friends and keeping them safe when going out. Review & reexamine healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Including Relationship abuse & CSE

Sex Young people will have strategies & plans in order to cope when they make mistakes or things go wrong.

Include, accessing to sexual health services, emergency contraception & coping with emotional issues

(see About You 3)

Young people will have knowledge of HIV & AIDS.

They will have opportunity to explore the ethical & political issues that go with tackling the illness.

Allow space for young people to explore their attitudes & knowledge to sex & sexual relationships.

Review their awareness of issues of Consent & negotiating sex with partners

Influence Attitudes & Experience Are a person’s sexuality & gender identity fixed?

Is gender merely binary or more of a sliding spectrum?

What about sexuality..?

(see About you 1)

How do our attitudes and the attitudes of those around us effect our behaviour?

Why do people behave differently in a group than they would normally?

(see About you 2)

Using their knowledge & experience of RSE, Young people should design & deliver their own campaign to challenge or raise awareness of issues relevant to them & their peers within their school.

NB: this can be done earlier in years 9 & 10 too.


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