Learning Objectives Yrs 7&8

About You All young people should have a clear understanding of both the physical & emotional changes that take place during puberty Young people should recognise the importance of personal hygiene & be able to take care of themselves in this regard All young people should have a thorough understanding of both men’s & women’s anatomy and genitals

(see Sex 1)

Young people should have the opportunity to explore the challenges of managing their emotional literacy during puberty
Relationships Young people should have the opportunity to explore the factors/qualities that create & support positive relationships with:





with a particular focus on friendships

(see influence.1)

Young people will develop skills and strategies to help deal with the emotional fall out that comes with romantic relationships, and intense friendship group Young people will have the opportunity to explore the influence of peer pressure on behaviour including the pressure & expectation to date members of the opposite sex & will be aware of what effect this might have. All young people will be aware of both the positive and negative aspects of online relationships.

Discuss the dangers but also highlight the positive aspects it can bring for some people.

What might these be?

Sex All young people should have a clear understanding of their own sexual anatomy and those of the opposite sex

(see About You 3.)

All young people should understand the mechanics and biological process of reproduction – both natural and medically assisted Young people will explore attitudes to Masturbation including past stigma, health benefits and understand that it can be a healthy part of human sexuality for both men and women. They will also understand privacy, appropriate behaviour and social restrictions

(see influence 3)

Young people will be made aware of and understand the change in personal boundaries that come with puberty and the need to respect each other’s privacy and personal space
Influence Attitudes & Experience Where do we acquire our attitudes to personal relationships from? With a particular emphasis on Friendships

(see Rel. 1)

Am i normal?

Allow young people the opportunity to ask questions and explore their own concepts of what is normal.

Explore religious, cultural and personal beliefs around masturbation. Why is there such stigma? Is this different depending on gender?

(see Sex 3)

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