Resources – Flip chart and pens:

You will notice as you look through the resources in this package – you don’t really need a lot to deliver successful SRE… I am a firm believer that good practice shouldn’t cost the earth… in my experience expensive resources tend to not be worth the money… they tend to restrictive and leave little room to adapt them or keep them current.

My recommendation is some big flip chart paper and plenty of decent coloured marker pens… there are very few topics you can’t cover with a little bit of flip chart and imagination!

One of my favourite ways to start a session is with a flip chart round about.

Split the class into four or five small groups – giving each a flip sheet with a different ‘starting point’ – a contentious statement such as:

“if a girl dresses ‘like that’ and get’s drunk, it is her own fault if someone gets the wrong idea…” 

for a full debrief of the statement above and for a list of other starting points click here…

Ask the groups to brainstorm the statement for five minutes or so, before you move them round to the next group… keep going until each group have seen all the sheets.

They can write down what they think, what they think their friends or folks would think, what the opinion in the Daily Mail or the Sun might say … they don’t even have to answer the question – they could ask a few (in fact I often ask each group to write down a question that has come out of their discussion and underline it before I swap the sheets). The next group will be able to comment not only on the original statement but also the previous group’s thoughts too.

NB: I find if I give each group a specific colour of pens:  for example group 1 pink & purple; group 2 red & orange; group 3 light & dark green etc. then when it comes to debriefing, you can quickly tell who has written what… always useful…

Equally the same activity can be done with newspaper articles or pictures… indeed, current affairs and popular culture offer so many opportunities for discussion – whether it is the outfits that Little Mix wore on the X-factor at the weekend or Donald Trumps latest tweet… there are so many things you can use as a starting point to get a discussion going and unpick the classes attitudes and beliefs.

There is no need for expensive resources…

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