Manual Sex

A handful of words on manual sex:

Manual sex, or as it is more often referred to as fingering or a hand-job, is the act of using your hands to stimulate your partners bits. Basically it’s like masturbating but you do it to someone else.

Putting your hands down your partner’s pants is quite often the first truly sexual acts that young people experience, as it is a natural step on from making out and fondling each other. It doesn’t involve getting undressed and can therefore be quickly hidden if your parent’s happens to barge in…

Unfortunately, the terms hand-job and fingering, not only sound a little unromantic, but also suggest there is a particular technique involved. This is not the case; everyone likes different things… To be fair the term manual sex is no better – it doesn’t exactly sound too intimate or particularly sexy either. Nevertheless, manual sex can be a very fulfilling sexual activity, for both guys and girls.

There are relatively little risks involved with manual sex. Obviously, there is no chance of getting pregnant and little chance of passing on STIs (more about this later). But remember be gentle, they are sensitive bits and pieces you have hidden away in your pants – and watch your fingernails as they are sharp and can hurt… a lot. And finally it is good practice to wash your hand before and afterwards too!

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