Oral Sex

A mouthful about Oral sex:

Oral sex is the act of using your mouth to, kiss, lick or suck your partner’s genitals.

Random pub quiz type information: the technical name for oral sex on a bloke is fellatio, and oral sex on a woman is known as cunnilingus.

Unfortunately, most teenagers assume oral sex is all about blow-jobs: the act of going-down or performing oral sex on a guy. For some reason the thought of oral sex on a girl seems to freak out not only many teenage boys but the girls as well.

Oral sex is not only for boys. For many women oral sex can be the most pleasurable sexual act they enjoy, as it involves kissing and licking (a much more gentle form of touching) their most sensitive parts – as the majority of a girl’s nerve endings are concentrated on the outside bits – the vaginal lips and clitoris rather than focusing on the inside of the vagina only.

Indeed, oral sex can be a very intimate act between two people, for some they find it more intimate than having any other form of sex, as it involves focusing on only your partner’s pleasure, plus you are putting your face literally, in someone’s most private places.

For some people the thought of kissing or licking someone’s bits, is just too repulsive and they can’t bring themselves to do it. That is fine. You should never, do anything you don’t want to do. And also never expect your partner to do something they are uncomfortable with (or you aren’t prepared to do yourself which is simply not fair). Sex should be about both of your enjoyment and should be an equal partnership where both give and take.

Remember, the reason we have flavoured condoms (or dental dams) is due to the fact you can pass STIs on through oral sex. You can get Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea in your throat, and can pass on genital herpes to name just a few…

Realistically there are not many people that will use condoms for oral sex – nevertheless it is still important to give young people the information and the option to make informed decisions for themselves.

Rimming – kissing ass…

If the thought of oral sex really turns your stomach, then talking about rimming will really freak you out. Rimming or analingus is the act of kissing and licking your partner’s bum. This may sound proper gross, putting your mouth near the place that their poo comes out of, but many people enjoy the feeling as the anus has the most closely packed centre of nerve endings in your body, besides your genitals. In actual fact your bum-hole is actually relatively clean, as long as you have decent basic hygiene.

Again, remember just because you don’t like the thought of a particular sexual act doesn’t mean that other people do not enjoy it. So be careful before you shout about how repulsive you consider it. Just cause you’re not into it doesn’t make it wrong or dirty.

[There are a few infections that can be passed on through rimming, to prevent passing then on use Dental dams: super thin latex sheets that are designed to be used for oral sex and can be laid over the bum and licked – you can even get flavoured ones too]

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