Upcoming Training Dates for Professionals

 Foundation: Talking to Young people about Relationships & Sex 

  • Thursday 28th September: Bulkington Village Community Centre

Talking to young people about sex and their relationships can be daunting – what do you say? Can you answer their questions honestly? How much is too much? Where do you draw the line…?

The truth is if you work with young people, the chances are you will have to engage them in conversations about sex and relationships – whether it is unpicking their attitudes to sex, their partners or sign posting them to access support or contraception.  Regardless if you like it or not it is inevitable. If they value you as a worker they will talk to you and ask you questions – whether you think you are the right person or not!

The foundation training is designed to give professionals who work young people a good understanding of RSE and their role in delivering quality sex positive interventions.

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It’s Only Banter: exploring Issues of Peer to Peer Exploitation

  • Monday 6th November:  Poundlane Leamington

We are starting to understand that there is far more to comprehensive sex education than merely condom demos and a warning about STIs. Stories around consent, incidents of slut shaming and examples of rape culture are a permanent feature of social media and the tabloid press – but are they an issue or merely banter?

How do you balance flirting and innocent behaviours from sexual harassment and abuse? Where is the line and is there any grey areas when it comes to consent?

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To book on to any of these courses or if you have any questions please contact Public Health admin: phadmin@warwickshire.gov.uk


Sexual Health Week 2017 – Let’s talk about porn

Next week (11th Sept) is FPA’s sexual health week. The theme is ‘Let’s talk about porn’

“We want to support people to have more open discussions about subjects related to porn, such as body image, consent, communication, safer sex…and the difference between fantasy and reality.”

Here’s a link to their campaign page;

– http://www.fpa.org.uk/sexual-health-week/sexual-health-week-2017

There’s some resources that you might find useful. Also it’s a good excuse to raise the topic with the young people you work with.

FPA poster