Spring Fever has been updated and is now All About Me:

We have been running the Spring Fever programme in Warwickshire for over 5 years and are currently in over 80 schools with another 20, soon to come on board. In addition we have 10 in Solihull delivering the programme as well.  From working closely with all our schools, listening to feedback from staff, parents and the young people that receive the programme, we have decided to update the programme and make some changes.

The most obvious change will be the name.  We will be dropping the confusing title of Spring Fever and replacing it with All About Me.

We have been working very hard behind the scenes to rewrite the entire programme, incorporating much of the learning and evidence we have accumulated over the last five years. The new programme will still be based on the same ethos and evidence that supported the old Spring Fever programme, whist also incorporating much stronger links and reinforcement of the Key Messages from Warwickshire’s Protective Behaviours – Taking Care Programme plus we have included the NSPCC Pants rules.

However, the most exciting development will be a website especially designed to support parents and carers which will come online in September 2018. Here parents will find information on the programme, and specifically about every session delivered in every year group. There will also be a short version of the parent’s briefing we deliver, as well as a FAQ section with support to answer children’s common questions and challenges. 

We are also moving everything online so there will be no more manuals – all the lesson plans, resources and session slides will be accessed directly through the i.warwickshire  website, with each school having their own log in.

From September 2018 all schools that are currently delivering the old Spring Fever programme will be moved over and supported to deliver the new materials and resources. There will be no additional costs for existing schools.

The New Programme:

The programme is still designed to be delivered over a single week, delivering a lesson a day across all year groups from reception to year six. However, we have dispensed with the original four categories and replaced them with five new strands, with a lesson from each being delivered to every year group.


All About Me
explores issues of personal identity – essential looking at what makes you – you. Looking at similarities and differences, the important people and influences in their lives and helping to build confidence and self esteem.
My Relationships
explores children’s families and friendships, encouraging them to develop the skills to manage and better understand these relationships in the real world and online.
My Body
helps children understand their body, including their private parts; explores body autonomy, privacy and nakedness. From year 4 onwards children will learn about the change that take place to girls and boys during puberty.
My Thoughts, Feelings & Behaviours
encourages children to develop emotional literacy skills, including understanding their own and other’s emotions, developing empathy and understand how their behaviour can effect the people around them.
My Choices & Personal Boundaries
explores concepts of consent and personal boundaries. Children will understand that we like to be touched in different ways and that people have the right to choose how they like to be touched and by whom.

The programme has also been designed so it can be delivered on a one-to-one basis as a vertical programme, to support young people who are struggling and need some additional support, with a particular focus on supporting children who have displayed low lever Harmful Sexual Behaviours (HSB).

We have worked hard to incorporate evidence based interventions from not only the Spring Fever, but also Protective Behaviours (safe guarding) and AIM (HSB).

However, despite all the changes, we have tried to keep everything as familiar as possible.

Finally, we know that by giving children this information, building on simple messages, year after year we can ensure that children grow up safe, with healthy relationships, better able to manage their emotions and most importantly to ask for help when they feel they need its

We are very excited about the new programme and resources and look forward to sharing it with you from September.

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