We offer three separate training courses for professionals who work face-to-face with young people here in Warwickshire. Regardless of whether you believe you are the ‘right person’ to talk to about sex and relationships – if you work with young people – you have a duty to at least be prepared to listen and to know where they can find the answers to their questions.

Trouble is – young people choose who they want to talk to – and they often don’t take our feelings into consideration.

Our trainings are designed for all levels of knowledge and experience and will help you feel more confident to engage with the young people they work with around issue of sex and relationships.

The courses are delivered on a multi-agency basis and are free of charge to professionals working with young people in Warwickshire, as long as their employing organisation has signed up to Warwickshire’s RSE and Supporting Young Parents Policy and guidance.

The Respect Yourself Campaign (RYC) is committed to giving young people the power to confidently make positive informed decisions about their relationships and sexual health by building their knowledge and self-esteem. By signing up to the training you are also agreeing to commit to this vision.

The RYC consulted with young people in Warwickshire to find out what they feel is important to achieve strong relationships and good sexual health, and to make sure all work is aligned to what is important to them. The consultation showed that local young people believe that making positive decisions about relationships and sexual health is all about self-respect – by valuing yourself highly, taking control of your future, taking control of situations as far as possible, and not letting other people influence or treat you in any way that you’re not happy with. Completion of the training will support what young people want and you will be able to support them by implementing the key messages they devised that will inform all Respect Yourself Campaign activity.

To begin with we recommend that Professionals take part in our Foundation Training – “Talking to young people about RSE” before completing either or both of our other two courses.

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*This training is also designed for professionals that work with young people who who may present as having a lower emotional age due to SEND.