Breaking the Taboo: talking to children 4-11 Yrs about RSE including 1-2-1 work

In Warwickshire we are lucky to have an evidence based comprehensive RSE programme that is available for schools – All About Me (what was previous known as Spring Fever before it was updated last Summer). 

However, some children need a little extra support – for various reasons including struggles around emotional literacy, family changes, or because they may be displaying low level Harmful Sexual Behaviours, or for older children who may have SEND. 

This new training Breaking the Taboo is designed to support professionals that work with young children  on a 1-2-1 basis and shows how you can use the All About Me resources to shape your work. 

Working with small children around RSE can be daunting – what is age appropriate? This training is also designed for professionals that work with young people who who may present as having a lower emotional age due to SEND.


  • a detailed look at the healthy sexual development of infants and children
  • how to start age appropriate conversations about families, healthy relationships, personal boundaries and sex. 
  • Working with children that display Harmful Sexual Behaviours.
  • Puberty, body changes, private spaces,.
  • Emotional literacy.