D(:)ing it:

Secondary School RSE Training & Resource Package


D(:)ing it – Is a sex positive Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) programme for Teachers and the young people they work with. The package covers work and campaigns suitable for all years groups from 7-13 and is a complete package of training and resources to be using in secondary schools across Warwickshire.

Comprehensive RSE covers much more than merely a condom demo and a brief explanation of where babies come from; real sex education should be a full exploration of a person’s sexuality: who they are, how they feel, how their body works, their attitudes, values, behaviour, relationship and personal boundaries.

A number of recent studies, including “Heads or Tails – What young people are telling us about SRE” put together by the Sex Education Forum that recored young people’s experiences of the sex education they had received before they left school at 18 have revealed many of the shocking holes in current provision…

statistics such as:

95% of students had not been taught about LGBT relationships or gender identity
1-4 young girls had their first period before the subject was covered in school
40% had never had a discussion about what constitutes a healthy or unhealthy relationship
1/3 had never had a conversation about consent
over 50% didn’t know where to go or how to get help if they had experienced unwanted touching

Is it any wonder that the Women’s and Equality Select Committee was tasked to run an enquiry in 2016 into the levels of sexual harassment and sexual violence that takes place in schools?

Indeed, one of their key findings and recommendations from that enquiry is that

 “every child at Primary and Secondary school must have access to high quality, age-appropriate relationship and sex education delivered by well-trained individuals. This can only be achieved by making sex and relationship education (SRE) a statutory subject; investing in teacher training; and investing in local third sector specialist support”

To date SRE is not currently a statutory subject – as for those of us that have been working in the field for many years – this is not the first time that reports, enquiries, professionals, parents, or even young people themselves have called for SRE to be made a compulsory part of education – or even for the Guidance to be updated from 2000 which would be a start!

However, in the meantime – we have a course ready and waiting for you that can support your school to deliver comprehensive sex positive SRE. A programme that helps to support young people around the issues that matter to them – helping them build resilience, and the tools to deal with the modern world – and the confidence to ask for help when things get too tough.

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