D(:)ing it: Curriculum

Curriculum Structure:

D(:)ing it – doesn’t have a rigid curriculum set in stone, it is designed to be flexible to ensure that teachers can get the most out of the programme regardless of how much time their school sets aside to explore issues around RSE. Indeed, we are very aware that the amount of quality allocated to the subject varies widely from school to school.

As a result we have tried to put together a programme that will ensure that both young people and the staff delivering have as much support as they can, regardless of whether you have a set lesson on a weekly basis or 20 minutes in tutor time or the odd assembly.

We have separated the year into three groups with the learning objectives spread across two years in most cases. Again, this is to ensure that the material remains age appropriate as teachers have far more space to choose when to deliver particular topics, adapting to the maturity level and personal development of their class; ensuring learning outcomes are achievable regardless of how much time you have allocated. We have also tried to consider the distractions of exams in year 11-sixth form.

The years are separated as follows:

  • Year 7 & 8
  • Year 9 & 10
  • Year 11,12 & 13

We have then separated the programme into four key topic areas which progress and build on previously explored topics year on year allow young people apply their previously acquired knowledge as they return to a particular issue in more depth or at a deeper level as their experience of the world and their relationships develop.

The Key topic areas are:

  • About You
  • Relationships
  • Sex
  • Influence, Attitudes and Experience

This topic areas also correspond to the headings on the Respect Yourself Campaign Website www.respectyourself.info, which provides a useful tool and point of contact for young people to return to after the lessons for support or to explore questions that have been raised in class but they were perhaps not ready to talk about.

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